MRAM Developer Day

August 6, 2018
Santa Clara, California


Press Room

Media Contact

Ana Perez
MRAM Developer Day Public Relations
Tel: +1.415.299.7767

Press Kit

Media Room - TBD

The MRAM Developer Day2017 press lounge is reserved for journalists and industry analysts covering the conference. Using the advance press registration code for MRAM Developer Day is recommended although registration may also be completed on site.

Hours of operation are:

The following resources are provided in the press lounge:

Media Interview Areas

As a service to MRAM Developer Day press attendees and exhibitors, MRAM Developer Day provides media interview rooms in TBD. To reserve a meeting room for a press interview with an exhibitor representative or to request a press/analyst registration list, please contact Ana Perez at +1.415.299.7767 /